On Time Creative Printing was born out of love and necessity. We are a family-owned business located in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

During the height of Covid-19, Dani found herself faced with the impossible task of caring for her disabled mother and teenage sister. Once the economy opened back up, Dani found that it was impossible to work a “traditional” job while having to care for a fully disabled person and a teenager who was starting her first year of college. As the economy started to open back up and bills needed to be paid again, she needed something that was both profitable and flexible. Luckily, at that time, she lived near Myrtle Beach, a big tourist area, and people who had been trapped in the house for almost a year were flocking to the area in droves.

She had an old t-shirt press and decided to rent a booth at the local indoor flea market to sell photo shirts. This allowed her to bring her mother to work with her. It was common for people to see her mother sitting in a recliner smiling at them as they walked by. Little did she know that a simple side hustle paired with some friendly smiles was about to explode into a full-fledged business.

Within a few months, business was booming so much that she needed help. Her mom had become popular at the flea market and other vendors would step in to help Dani with her mom, but she needed help with the business. She brought on a business partner, Quinton, who also happened to be her boyfriend at the time, and they re-named the business UniTees. They also incorporated the business, making it a legitimate entity instead of a simply flea market booth. From there, things grew at an exponential rate.

The original UniTees at the Everything Under the Sun Flea Market

The first year in business was a whirlwind. Customers were pleased with the fact that they could order low quantities of custom-printed shirts and have them quickly, most times by the same day. By the time the second year rolled around, Danielle and Quinton knew they needed their own space – a legitimate office that they could work out of. They made it happen and, in the process, changed the name of the business to On Time Creative Printing.

Now in the second year of business, On Time Creative Printing is surpassing expectations. The owners found that they needed even more space and larger equipment! The business is still located in the same building, but they’ve now moved to a bigger office just two doors down from the first one.

The business and the owners are making a mark in the Grand Strand area and appreciate every customer that’s contributed to the path of success. They are committed to becoming the your go-to source for custom printed products, so don’t hesitate to call, stop by, or shop online today!