Most people categorize us as screenprinters, mainly because they aren’t familiar with any other methods of creating custom-printed products. However, we don’t use screenprinting as a method of creating custom apparel. We use several different processes to create products and, depending on your needs, one process may be better than another for you. Here is an explanation of the processes that we use.


Vinyl, also known as HTV, is a material from which letters and shapes can be cut using CAD software and a cutting machine. The designs are then heat-pressed onto apparel where they adhere and become permanently attached. Vinyl is great for a number of design projects, especially sports-related apparel and work-related apparel. In fact, about 75 percent of our creations are done with vinyl.

Vinyl-printed apparel is long-lasting and the color doesn’t fade. Vinyl colors are extremely vibrant, much more than most types of ink-based printing. It’s also perfect for smaller order quantities because it’s cost-effective (compared to screenprinting which is only cost effective in larger quantities). With vinyl, we can print as little as one without charging you a fortune.

We only use one of the world’s top-quality vinyl brands, Siser. We ensure that the vinyl we use is authentic so you can rest assured that your vinyl-designed products will be the best they can be. Siser vinyl is known for being extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about the vinyl cracking like a lot of lower quality vinyl does.

The quality of any printing method is measured by how many washes it lasts. Siser vinyl can last at least 50 washes if cared for properly. In many cases, it lasts longer than that.

Vinyl colors can’t be used for full-color printing (photos for example), but there are dozens of vinyl colors to choose from. If your project doesn’t require photos, we recommend vinyl as the primary printing method.

Heat Transfers

Heat transfers are sheets that can be used to print full-color images onto products. These sheets are exactly what the name says – sheets that use heat to transfer the ink onto the product. Once the ink is transferred, it’s covered with a protective coating that keeps the ink adhered to the product.

Using heat transfer sheets allows us to print anything onto a product. You can use full-color photos, full-color graphics, designs that you’ve created – literally anything. These sheets allow us to create small quantities of full-color-printed products. If you need one photo shirt, we can do that for you!

We use the top heat transfer sheet brand on the market – Neenah Coldenhove. This means that you can expect your printed products to last at least 30 washes if it’s taken care of properly. This is considered “promotional quality” and is cost-effective. For that reason, we use heat transfers for same-day printing and smaller quantities. For large quantities or apparel that needs more durability, check out the next process.


Supacolor is a new process that’s taking the custom printing market by storm. This process is almost like a mixture between vinyl and ink – you can print anything and the colors are truly amazing. This process is the most durable out of all of our methods and is recommended for apparel that will have high-usage. Work apparel and sports apparel are perfect examples of this.

We only offer SupaColor for apparel quantities of 36 or more.